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Amazon Employees for Climate Justice is calling on people and organizations — anyone who wants to support Amazon workers: we need your help to get paid time off to vote. We’ve gone through appropriate channels internally and have gotten no response from Amazon leadership and with less than two weeks until the US presidential election, Amazon must act immediately.

Action: Shut down Amazon warehouses on Halloween for 15 minutes (or longer!)

How: Go to a warehouse near you. Shutting down an Amazon warehouse is fairly straightforward. …

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An open letter from a warehouse worker

Dear Jeff Bezos,

Your 600,000 U.S. workers need a paid day off to vote and participate in our democracy.

This election is critical. We face escalating authoritarianism in our government and white supremacy on our streets. Back in June, when I and other Black workers led marches, you said our lives matter. Our voices and votes matter, too.

Warehouse workers are always making difficult choices about taking time off because we do not earn enough at Amazon to fully support ourselves and our families. A few years ago, my foot was badly injured at work. The pain was agonizing. My foot was so swollen that I couldn’t put my shoe on properly. But because our on-site Amcare medical clinician said it was not serious and told me to go back to work, I had to decide whether to risk further injuring my foot and working in intense pain, or spend my scarce time off recovering at home. The pain was so severe that I went home. When the COVID pandemic hit, I did not want to become exposed to the virus. …

6,000 (and counting) Amazon tech workers are asking Amazon to provide a full day/shift of paid time off for all employees to vote.

— — —

Join us this Saturday at our voter registration, rally, and march in downtown Seattle and to an Amazon warehouse to tell Amazon: workers must have paid time off to vote immediately.

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Democracy thrives when people from all different backgrounds, races, and employment are able to participate. But in 2016, 42% of eligible US voters stayed home. Removing barriers to voting is critical to ensure we have a voice on the issues we care about. …

Amazon tech workers, together with our partners at Center for Community Action on Environmental Justice (CCAEJ), filed a resolution asking Amazon’s Board to address environmental racism. Read more here.

If you work at Amazon, visit to get future updates from Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

This is our speech during Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting on May 27th, 2020:

I’m Maren Costa, on behalf of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

Jeff, I worked for you for 15 years, but I and 8 others were recently fired, and VP Tim Bray resigned citing a “vein of toxicity” running through the company. …

If you work at Amazon, visit to get future updates from Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

Fossil fuels are inherently dirty and harm health as well as the climate. The COVID-19 pandemic exposes compounding health vulnerabilities.

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice is presenting a shareholder resolution to Amazon’s Board on May 27 about Amazon’s environmental racism. Read our statement.

Communities around the world are suffering from environmental harm. The climate crisis is rapidly destroying the world as we know it, and toxic pollution from burning fossil fuels is bringing illness to communities through contaminated water and air. It is well known that the extraction, transportation, processing, and burning of fossil fuels is causing climate change; what is less discussed is the way that fossil-fuels pollute water systems during extraction and transportation, and pollute the air when burned. …

Amazon Sick Out Friday 4/24 9am — 5pm PST. Support Amazon workers & tell Amazon: stop retaliating against workers speaking up
Amazon Sick Out Friday 4/24 9am — 5pm PST. Support Amazon workers & tell Amazon: stop retaliating against workers speaking up

We’re LIVE! Tune in NOW!

Youtube Livestream here

Facebook Livestream here

When you join either livestream, you’ll be anonymous.

Do you work at Amazon? We want to hear from you!
We are powerful together.
Respond to this survey to show support for fired workers and warehouse workers (you can keep your identity hidden). We want to know you’re listening in the livestream!

Everyone: please join us in supporting workers on the frontlines of this pandemic
Donate here to help Amazon warehouse workers exposed to COVID-19

We want Amazon to stop firing and start listening to workers!

Join the Livestream to hear from Amazon workers and special guests! Here’s the lineup:

  • 9am PST: Opening by Emily Cunningham & Maren Costa, tech workers fired for speaking…

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice sent the email below internally at Amazon on Friday, March 27, asking corporate & tech workers to sign an open letter that our coworkers working in warehouses around the world have written.

Over 580 corporate & tech workers (and counting) have signed our names to the open letter.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Amazon warehouse workers and delivery drivers from around the world reached out to Amazon Employees for Climate Justice for corporate worker support. This pandemic — like the climate crisis — stresses our society, its systems, and institutions. Both crises threaten everybody, but not equally. Logistics workers are on the front lines risking their lives now. …

This morning, Jeff Bezos announced he is donating $10 billion to his new “Bezos Earth Fund.” Following that news, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice issued the following statement:

“The international scientific community is very clear: burning the oil in wells that oil companies already have developed means we can’t save our planet from climate catastrophe.

As history has taught us, true visionaries stand up against entrenched systems, often at great cost to themselves. We applaud Jeff Bezos’ philanthropy, but one hand cannot give what the other is taking away. The people of Earth need to know: When is Amazon going to stop helping oil & gas companies ravage Earth with still more oil and gas wells? When is Amazon going to stop funding climate-denying think tanks like the Competitive Enterprise Institute and climate-delaying policy? …

We sent the following email on Monday, January 20, 2020. To read the quotes collected from Amazon employees, click here.

Hi fellow Amazon employees,

You may have read the news about Amazon threatening to fire a few people for violating the newly updated external communications policy by speaking publicly about Amazon’s impact on the climate crisis.

The international scientific community agrees that the climate crisis is an existential one for human civilization: it implicates us all, not only as employees, but as citizens and human beings. Don’t get us wrong: some comms policies make a ton of sense (i.e. for confidential projects). But allowing a corporation to silence us on its contribution to the climate crisis is a clear overreach of comms policy, and effectively demands we give up our basic humanity and integrity in order to be employees. …

400 Amazon employees gave one or more quotes below. For more context, click here.

“Amazon participates in the global economy, where it has a substantial impact on many issues. Expecting its employees to maintain silence on these issues, and Amazon’s impact on them, is really a reprehensible overreach, and I am proud to take this opportunity to demonstrate my unwillingness to comply. I was heartened to hear about Amazon’s commitment to invest in an electric delivery fleet and can’t see the harm in saying so. I can’t support a policy that would silence commentary, both pro and anti.”

Michael Sokolov, Principal…


Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

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