As workers, we’re asking Amazon to give us the time to vote.

  • “Even though I’m not an American citizen, I believe democracy can also go beyond voting. I can’t vote here, but I have participated in several phone and text campaigns to share resources on how to vote…I would be so excited for Amazon to give us a day off because not only could I dedicate a full day to supporting democracy, I’d also know that I’m not alone, that my company supports me and my coworkers all working together to strengthen our democracy.” — Amazon Sr. Product Manager
  • “It troubles me that my colleagues have to choose between showing up for work and making a living or showing up to vote.” Amazon warehouse worker
  • “As an employee, I was proud when Amazon listened to activists and announced a companywide $15 minimum wage last year, especially because they called on other companies and Congress to take action. But I have been disappointed this year with our lack of action on making sure workers have the ability to vote. We are less than a month away from the election and I haven’t seen any communication from Amazon about what we’re doing to support voter turnout. How can we have a healthy democracy when our country’s second-largest company won’t prioritize voter participation?” — Amazon Sr. Product Manager
Amazon Employees for Climate Justice




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Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

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