Quotes of Solidarity for Striking Amazon Warehouse Workers

Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center (FC) in Minnesota announced that they will be striking on Prime Day, July 15. These workers, primarily Muslim, East African immigrants, want humane working targets to reduce injuries, full-time instead of temporary working status, and fair opportunities for promotions. These FC workers reached out to us, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (AECJ), asking for support.

Why is a climate justice group supporting an FC worker strike?

Lending our support to our coworkers in MN is a natural part of our climate justice priorities. We cannot create a sustainable, long-term approach to addressing the climate crisis without addressing structural racial and economic inequities that are part of our system of extraction — of energy, material, and human labor — that have caused the crisis.

Amazon’s lack of a company-wide approach to its climate impact is a symptom of a larger issue: lack of urgency and thus prioritization to address the externalities of our business model. As a company, we are not taking ownership for the negative impacts (i.e. carbon emissions and pollution) of our business. This mindset of pushing costs to others (i.e. to communities around our operations) and extraction is also at play when it comes to the work environment that FC workers in MN are striking to improve. Instead of being a leader — whether with our climate impact or FC working conditions, our company continues to lag peers and defer responsibility.

Our coworkers are putting themselves on the line to fight for a better company and a better future. Some of us will be going to MN to show support and speak at their rally. We also want to demonstrate broad support.

We have collected the following messages of solidarity from Amazon workers around the world, and will be delivering them to our striking colleagues in Minnesota: